Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Felix LaCroix Leads the Atlanta Mentors Leadership Group on the Subject of Success

The November 29th, 2007 meeting of the Atlanta Mentors Leadership Group at Hunan Gourmet in Sandy Springs was very successful. We had 12 people in attendance as group member and co-organizer Felix LaCroix led a group discussion on the topic of "Success".

Presentation Slides

http://www.SlideShare.net is a great web site that lets you share PowerPoint slides very easily the same way YouTube lets you share videos. Here are Felix's slides from the event:

Presentation and Group Discussion Audio

Part 1:  Felix introduces himself (23:30)

In part 1, Felix describes a bit about his background and how his family escaped political oppression and politically motivated murder in Haiti to come to the United States. He goes on to describe his involvement with a leadership training program with The United Way and details their primary outreach areas.

Part 2:  Felix introduces the group break-out session (1:48)

Felix introduces the group exercise. In this the 12 participants break into pairs and ask each other six questions that they then introduce to the rest of the group during the round-table introductions.

Part 3:  Round-table introductions! (32:00)

In this section, all the participants take turns introducing their partner from the previous section. There are some interesting people in this group! Pilots, satellite equipment makers, teachers, mentors, beer-makers, real-estate gurus, nurses, computer network wizards, web-masters, software engineers, architects, managers, executives, the list goes on and on.

Part 4:  Felix introduces what "Success" means to many famous people (9:48)

Felix discusses what many famous people have said about "Success" and what it really means.

Part 5:  Group describes their personal philosophy of "Success" (48:36)

The group concludes in round-table style by continuing to discuss their personal thoughts on "Success" and things they can do to help their communities continue to succeed.

Thanks for a great discussion, Felix! And thanks to everyone else for attending and sharing your ideas and thoughts with the group!