Thursday, October 18, 2007

Appollo Hy Leads Group Discussion on the Topic of "Attitude" from John Maxwell's The Diffference Maker

During the 10/18/2007 Atlanta Mentors Leadership Group meeting, Appollo lead a group discussion about the topic of a positive mental attitude, reading from John Maxwell's book The Difference Maker.

Appollo began the discussion by giving his personal story of escape from the communist rule of Pol Pot in Cambodia. He details how anyone who was intellectual or suspected of being educated was either executed or put to work in concentration camps. His own father was put to death because he was a doctor who had worked for the military.

Listen to his story (12 minutes) by clicking here:
Listen to Appollo Hy on Escaping the Khmer Rogue

He then proceeded to discuss eight key points about how our attitude is shaped, reading excerpts from John Maxwell's excellent book The Difference Maker (

You can listen to the audio of the group discussion (1 hour) by clicking here:
Listen to Appollo Hy Lead a Group Discussion on John Maxwell's The Difference Maker

To see more of John Maxwell's books, click here:

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